Does the DJ use professional sound equipment suitable for the job you need done?

There is a big difference between the audio equipment you have at home and the equipment the professional DJ uses. Professional audio equipment is built to go on the road day in and day out. Be sure to ask about the equipment, even if you aren’t “stereo smart” you’ll be able to tell the difference. Also find out how long it will take for the DJ to set up the sound equipment. If he brags to you he can have his station wagon unloaded and the system set up in less than 30 minutes do yourself a favor call someone else. This guy is not a DJ.

Stop asking for videos! Are you kidding yourself? When will any DJ send a videotape of a reception where no one danced or it was boring? All of these tapes are edited and in some cases professionally done with enhanced special effects only to trick you into thinking that Ohio DJ Service was the greatest. Most of the time all you have to do is ask your co-workers or family if they’ve heard of a certain DJ you might be interested in. Ask your hairdresser they talk wedding stuff all the time.

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