We’re local DJ’s that have performed at 1000’s of weddings over the years!

About Dr D

Proudly serving Ohio & Pa since 1982.

Doctor D | Wedding & Event DJ is the premier DJ for weddings and private parties.

He adds that special spark to weddings, wedding receptions and private parties, providing quality disc jockey and karaoke services that exceed your expectations.

Make your event a memorable one by hiring the most popular DJ service around. Doctor D | Wedding & Event DJ has the equipment and experience to get your party rockin’ and to make your special day live forever in your memory.

For a unique, once in a lifetime awesome event that will have your friends raving about your choice in entertainment, look no further than Doctor D.

Why Doctor D | Wedding & Event DJ?


With Decades of experience you’ll get bags of knowledge and service with a smile : In 2022 Bruce Parker of Doctor D | Wedding & Event DJ Music and Michael Reed of Remarkable Entertainment teamed up to provide an enhanced specialized wedding and events service company featuring two pros providing years of reliable affordable experience with the flexibility to meet our clients personal and financial needs!
We will meet in person to help you customize your event so its a day to remember.
We are so PROUD we’ve never canceled or been late for any event!


You may have seen the trailer zipping around your local area! The Doc has everything you’ll need.


Want your set list to include your top tracks? Or would you rather sit back and let the Doc do it all?

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Our Testimonials

You did such a SUPER job and I’ve heard many a comment on how you kept things moving and interesting.

It wouldn’t have been the same without you. You are the best!

Ken and Betty M

Thank you so much for making our Wedding Day even more special!

Everybody can’t quit talking about how good of a job you did! I strongly believe a DJ makes or breaks a reception and we couldn’t have asked for anyone better! Thanks Again!

Scott and Kristi Welch

Our Faqs

There is a big difference between the audio equipment you have at home and the equipment the professional DJ uses. Professional audio equipment is built to go on the road day in and day out. Be sure to ask about the equipment, even if you aren’t “stereo smart” you’ll be able to tell the difference. Also find out how long it will take for the DJ to set up the sound equipment. If he brags to you he can have his station wagon unloaded and the system set up in less than 30 minutes do yourself a favor call someone else. This guy is not a DJ.

Stop asking for videos! Are you kidding yourself? When will any DJ send a videotape of a reception where no one danced or it was boring? All of these tapes are edited and in some cases professionally done with enhanced special effects only to trick you into thinking that Ohio DJ Service was the greatest. Most of the time all you have to do is ask your co-workers or family if they’ve heard of a certain DJ you might be interested in. Ask your hairdresser they talk wedding stuff all the time.

A DJ who is registered, incorporated and or insured has taken the time and effort to show they are serious business people. It’s a good idea to stick with the established Cleveland DJ Service, especially when planning a wedding.

I cannot begin to stress how important it is to get your booking confirmed in writing. All terms of the agreement should be in writing to avoid any complications at a later date. This insures you that the DJ will show up. If you don’t have a contract, it’s a pretty good chance the DJ might find a higher paying job and give you the slip. References are also an important part of any service business. Upon request your DJ should be able to provide you with current names and phone numbers.

How many times have you gone to a wedding reception and the Cleveland Wedding DJ was dressed in blue jeans and a t-shirt. Or worse he’s wearing a Cat in The Hat and weird sunglasses! Folks it happens. It is important that your entertainer looks the part by dressing in formal or semi-formal attire, your preference. Don’t assume the DJ will be properly dressed. Be sure to ask what he or she will be wearing..

A Professional DJ can’t possibly know everything there is to know about all music styles and entertainment. He should be willing to listen to your ideas and input and incorporate them into your event. He or she will listen to your requests and play them where they are appropriate. Keep in mind if you have a lot of requests the DJ may not be able to play all of them. Believe it or not there are some DJ services that will not play any requests. Also beware of services that have you fill out a song request list. Often this is the only music they will bring. So if you want to hear something you forgot to write down, they probably won’t have it. It’s also important to have a variety of music especially at a wedding; Styles like Disco, Polkas, Country, Jazz, Big band, Pop, R&B, Motown, Line dances etc.

A Professional DJ will become involved in the planning of your function and will be prepared to handle any announcements or special events on that day. A guideline of the formalities should be discussed ahead of time. A lot of events occur at a reception from introductions, to the toast and all the special dances. Being unprepared or unfamiliar with the type of event is a recipe for disaster.

This is probably because they are unreliable, or it happened because the DJ booked an event before yours and ran overtime. Make sure the equipment is set up prior to any guests arriving and ready to start when you want them too. Too many times due to poor planning the DJ shows up in the middle of dinner to unload and set up, very tacky and a bad idea.

This is really scary if half way through the party something happens to the sound equipment, what will you do? Well if the DJ doesn’t carry a back-up system the party is over. If the DJ has a back-up system the party is only interrupted for a few minutes while he changes a component or replaces the system. Even professional equipment can fail on occasion, so it is very important to know whether your DJ has a spare system available to them. Any number of circumstances may arise between the times you booked your DJ till the time of the event. Make sure the DJ has a back-up plan in case of illness or accident.

You should be cautious of DJ’s that charge for mileage if they travel less than 50 – 75 miles. Their price should be consistent so everyone pays the same. Just because you have your reception at the Country Club doesn’t mean the DJ can inflate the price.

If they have, they may be double booking shows and taking the one that pays the most. Or worse are they subcontracting numerous weddings for the same day? Save yourself the stress if a DJ has a history of canceling shows yours could be next.

Our Pricing

Our Wedding packages are uniquely suited and totally customizable for each clients specific needs, but common packages are included below:
Basic Package
$795.00 - 4 Hours $995.00 - 6 Hours
Wedding Budget
Less than 100 guests
Introductions - Bride & Groom Including: Best Man & Maid of Honor
Dance Floor Lighting: NO! May be added: $155.00
Premium Sound System
1 Wireless Mic
Music Video Monitors may be added Only: $95.00
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Most Popular
$1095.00 - 4 Hours $1295.00 - 6 Hours
Bride & Groom Package
100 - 300 guests
Introductions - Bride & Groom Including:
Entire Wedding Party
Dance Floor Lighting: YES!
Premium Package
Elite Premium Sound System
2 Wireless Mics
1 or 2 Sub Woofers
(Based on Room Size)
For That Extra Thump!
Music Video Monitors may be added
In Person Custom Wedding Planner
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Music Video / Live Artist
$1190.00 - 4 Hours $1390.00 - 6 Hours
Video / DJ Combo
100 - 500 guests
Introductions - Bride & Groom
Including Entire Wedding Party
Dance Floor Lighting: YES!
Premium Package
Music Videos & Artist Performances! (Great Enhancer)
Elite Premium Sound System
2 Wireless Mics
1 or 2 Sub Woofers (Based on Room Size) For That Extra Thump!
In Person Custom Wedding Planner
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This is Living!
$1695.00 - 4 Hours $1895.00 - 6 Hours
Photo Booth / DJ Combo
100 - 500 guests
Introductions - Bride & Groom
Including Entire Wedding Party
Dance Floor Lighting: YES!
Premium Package
Music Videos (Great Enhancer)
May be added only $95.00
Elite Premium Sound System
2 Wireless Mics
1or 2 Sub Woofers (Based on Room Size) For That Extra Thump!
FULL Enclosed Authentic Photo Booth Fun Props and Backdrop Included!
UNLIMITED 4x6 3-4 Scene Glossy Photos Free Photo Sharing Via Email & Text
Photo Booth Host!
In Person Custom Wedding Planner
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Add Ons
Ask about our Live Wedding Band Flashback! (POA)
Professional Uplighting Packages (POA)
Officiant: Ceremony $150.00
Ceremony & Rehearsal $200 - $250.00
Pre-Ceremony / Ceremony Music $150.00 On-Site
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