Why your DJ’s library should be legal

Modern technology makes it easy for anyone to find and download new music. Gone are the days of leisurely record store browsing, replaced with internet searches and file sharing. But if you’re looking to hire a DJ for your event, you want to ensure that he or she isn’t on the illegal-download bandwagon as well. Why? Well, here are a few reasons:

1) Downloading, copying or sharing copyrighted music without permission is simply against the law. Stealing someone’s creative work is not only illegal, but it surely doesn’t demonstrate a respectable, ethical, professional DJ. The Federal government is actively cracking down on offenders, and while you may think it’s unlikely your DJ will get caught, it’s best not to take that risk. The last thing you need is to be forced to find a replacement DJ last minute because he or she wasn’t abiding by Federal law. Trust us, it’s better to be safe than sorry in this case.

2) Professional DJs understand the value of legally purchasing songs for their music library. Each song purchased pays royalties to the individual artists, thereby contributing to and encouraging the creation of new tracks and albums. And let’s face it, we definitely want artists to keep creating tunes for our enjoyment, so why would you hire a DJ who doesn’t support that? By hiring someone who works “by-the-book,” you’re encouraging other DJs in the field to follow suit too. It’s a win-win for everyone!

3) Legal music is guaranteed to play – and sound – as expected. Have you ever downloaded bootlegged songs only to find they’re not the correct version? Unless the songs were legally obtained, there’s no obligation for it to match identically to the song you thought it’d be. The track may have been altered, may include radio references, shout outs, the song may not play to the original version duration, there might be audio glitches – and more! The worst part? You wouldn’t know any of these possibilities are an issue until the song’s been played through. You certainly wouldn’t want something like that to cause a problem during your first dance at your wedding, right? Best to hire a DJ that wouldn’t risk ruining your special event with bootlegged, altered copies of your favorite songs. We hope that’s a no-brainer for you!

So now you know the value of hiring an ethical DJ, but how do you know whether they use a pirated library or not? Well, it’s simple, really! Ask your DJ where he gets his music. Most DJs are so passionate about the industry that they’ll happily discuss it with you for hours if you let them. If you find they aren’t willing to answer your question, it’s likely they aren’t purchasing songs legally. Ask before you sign any contracts or pay any deposits to save yourself future grief.

If you’re looking for a DJ you can trust, Doctor D is your best bet. He has been in the business for 34 years, and has always understood the importance of using a legal music library at his events. Over the decades, he’s invested thousands of dollars toward a collection of music, from classic records, CDs and legal digital downloads. Whether you’re looking for fun disco music or today’s hottest hits, Doctor D will have you covered. He monitors the music charts on a regular basis, and subscribes to stay informed of all the news and happenings in the music industry. With his passion and knowledge, Doctor D is easily the best choice DJ throughout Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Hiring a DJ isn’t about finding someone who can press a play button. It’s about finding someone you can trust to help make your event a memorable, fun occasion. For questions or inquiries, contact Doctor D

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